VRV Premium and Bundle FAQ Details

How do I get Premium on VRV?
Just go to the VRV.co website and upgrade your account for a free trial.


Do I get Crunchyroll for free if I’m a Premium Member on Crunchyroll?

Yes. You will have to go through the process of Account Linking (more on that soon) in order for VRV to recognize your Premium status.


What does Premium mean?

Premium on VRV means special access to new content first, exclusive content, and an ad-free experience. Content offerings per channel will vary.


Do I have to pay to use VRV?

Not necessarily. VRV has over 20,000 hours of free content, which updates regularly. Some channels have exclusive content or will provide first access to content for members who go Premium. You can go Premium by purchasing the Combo Pack.


What channels are available on VRV?

  1. Bundle:

    • Crunchyroll
    • Funimation
    • Rooster Teeth
    • Cartoon Hangover
    • Geek & Sundry
    • Nerdist
    • MONDO
    • Tested

    à la carte:

    • Rifftrax
    • GINX
    • Machinima
    • Seeso
    • Shudder


We’re always looking for more great channels, so feel free to send suggestions our way by email to contact@vrv.co or on Twitter at @WatchVRV.


Can I modify the Bundle?

We don't have an option to modify the bundle at this time.  We may have more options in the future depending on our channel partners.


Will any content be exclusive to VRV?

Yes! Upcoming seasons and series like Cartoon Hangover’s Bravest Warriors and Mondo’s Cat Agent will be exclusive to their respective channels. However, these channels will only be available on VRV. Here’s a list of all the channels exclusive to VRV:


- Cartoon Hangover



Who do I contact if I’m having problems on VRV?

Contacts are added to each support page.


What devices is VRV available on?

VRV is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android. More devices will be announced as they become available.


Can I watch VRV videos on the web?

No, but this is also coming soon!


Are there plans to make VRV available in other countries?
We’re working to bring VRV to as many fans as possible. We will announce any additional availability.


Why don’t you have [specific title]?
Each channel is responsible for the programming of their channel on VRV. If you’re not seeing a channel's show on VRV that you’ve seen previously, please let us know through the contact link below or on Twitter at @WatchVRV.


Will content on Crunchyroll be available at the same time on VRV?

Yes. With the exception of any technical delays, simulcast and catalog programming should be available at the same time on VRV as Crunchyroll.com and any Crunchyroll-associated video apps.


Can I switch languages?
There are currently no options to change languages for dubbing or subs.  Some episodes that are not originally in English have the English language dubbed over and some have written English subtitles. There are no options to change or select these. They are viewable as they are published.


How do I get a job at VRV?
If you feel like your skills can contribute to VRV, head to http://www.ellation.com/jobs and see if there’s a role you'd like to apply for!

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