VRV Gift Card FAQ

Where can I get a VRV gift card?

Gift cards are available at your local GameStop store.  Go buy some!


How do VRV gift cards work?

You can redeem the card on VRV, which adds a balance to your VRV account.

Go here to redeem. Don't forget to setup an account first. Redeem


Do Crunchyroll gift cards work with VRV?

They do! Basically, Crunchyroll gift cards must be redeemed on VRV, which you can then use as credit towards purchasing Premium on any channel through VRV, including Crunchyroll.


Can I get a refund on any purchases made with my gift card?

Sorry, we can't do refunds on gift card purchases. Gift cards will have to be refunded from the store they were purchased from, and can ONLY be refunded if they have not been redeemed on VRV. Once redeemed, a gift card CANNOT be refunded.


How long is the gift card's balance valid?

Gift cards normally don't have an expiration date, but please check the card itself in case it's a special promotion--those DO have expiration dates! Once a gift card is redeemed, the balance on your account does not have an expiration date.


What happens if my balance can't cover the cost of a subscription?

You'll receive an email letting you know you require either a credit card or another gift card to refill your balance. You will have a grace period of five days before your Premium access is canceled.

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